“We have art so that we shall not die of reality”. – Nietzsche-


“Since I can remember, I have been creating through drawing, painting, building and making. Although life has been puzzling most of the time, moments of creating in which time stood still existed throughout my life. It was in these moments that everything as I knew it, would dissolve into an understanding or glimpse of something else - maybe beauty as a revelation of harmony through forms or the inexpressible…a direct experience of some innermost law of truth…”

I have had the privilege in my work as a psychologist, to share many interior spaces with others. I love drawing faces as maps of experience; patterns as the settings of archetypal existence; words in images; mandalas as blueprints of infinity; conceptual art (installations) as a reflective tool of situated consciousness.”

 A diary entry:

“Art transports us, the Seers, into an alchemical crucible, where the base matter of our souls (Prima Materia), is gathered and melted down. It is here where some process of dissolving and transformation is initiated. Etching makes this process very real. The dialogue between consciousness and the unconscious through images, metaphors and symbols, integrates the direct experience into a fugue where many voices speak simultaneously”.


Feeling in tune with nature, the sound of the wind, the shadows of the Swartberg Mountains, the whispers of the Olive Trees, the ever-changing presence of Mother Nature in her most majestic form as she enters our home through the moon and the sun– the artist creates quite spaces through image, color and texture into which she invites the Self to transform.”



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