Om met Woord te skep is my hartsvreugde. Om kreatiwiteit in ander oop te sluit vul my met weergalose dankbaarheid en verwondering

Living with letters becomes a reality at Die Letterhuis: Century old walls covered in their original paint become a canvas for specially designed alphabets; barks of trees gently display love letters, hand carved local stones boldly proclaim Truth, white on white visual songs against walls, painted Word canvases, letters cut out of steel, huge letters hiding in Sisal plants.. Add to this the tiniest of tiny gallery of original calligraphic works, an exhibition of international calligraphers, an up to date  letter arts library, a pop up tea room, land art installations and short walks along the river and you have a glimpse of what awaits you when Die Letterhuis Studio opens its doors to welcome you.

Your hostess will be letter arts teacher and calligrapher Heleen de Haas. Her work has been exhibited and published both locally and internationally. 

Heleen de Haas
0833255757 or 0760511017
Instagram heleen_de_haas

Aswater farm R407
(33 km out of Prince Albert towards Klaarstroom)
Land art installations, stone carvings, gallery, calligraphy,walks and pop up tea room